Should your camera ever require corrective or preventive camera service we are here to assist.

New York Camera & Video is a manufacturer authorized Canon, Nikon and Sony dealer with direct access to their factory repair centers.

Camera Sensor Cleaning will clear up most spots, circles and lines on your images due to condensation rings, dust and dirt residing on the camera’s delicate image sensor. Sensors should be cleaned at the first sign of a problem and yearly.

Basic sensor cleanings are performed in-house by our skilled, experienced technicians with a normal 3-day turnaround.  Rush Service is available – CALL!

Anyone whose camera is under our extended warranty will receive one free sensor cleaning plus a complimentary loaner camera while theirs is under repair.

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Please Note – Digital camera sensors are delicate and require knowledge, patience, a steady hand and a very clean location to work. In many cases, it is best delegated to specialists with training, experience and the correct tools and supplies.

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