Are you an artist in need of professional Photo Copy Work for your pieces? Do you want a knowledgeable and reliable company who has extensive experience in the handling and copy work of delicate art pieces? If so, look no further than our talented team of photography professionals! Here at New York Camera and Video, we are able to create large format, color accurate copy work of your original art for your personal use or commercial distribution.

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To learn more about what is including in our copy work pricing or to make an appointment at our Southampton location, please contact us today at 215-357-6222. Treating Your Priceless Works of Art With Integrity We understand that your art may be your livelihood which is why we are incredibly delicate with all artwork that comes through our doors. We handle your originals with respect and integrity so that you feel comfortable and confident throughout the copy work process. As with all of our services, we understand that you may be working to meet deadlines or have art shows coming up that require your originals and prints, which is why we work efficiently to meet those deadlines and return your artwork in a timely manner.

All of our copy work is shot with a professional digital camera, which is capable of producing large format prints, to provide you with the best results. Each and every piece is professionally shot and once the copy work is completed, you will receive a hi-res CD containing your images. For more information regarding our copy work services including scheduling and further pricing, please call us today at 215-357-6222.