lens calibration

We make sure your lenses perform their best on your camera

lens calibration

If you've found yourself with images that are out of focus when you're sure the camera confirmed it is in focus, you may need a lens calibration. Lenses can miss focus even when the camera confirms the image is in focus. This can be caused by slight variations in the manufacturing of your lens, your camera or even from the lens being bumped around in a camera bag. Luckily most cameras have a function that will allow you to manually offset your camera's focus and make sure all your photos are tack-sharp and precisely focused. Manually calibrating a lens can be a daunting task and requires patience, the right tools, and proper measurement skills and technique.

We provide this service to make sure all your lenses perform their best on your particular camera. Each lens is tested and calibrated to your camera and will perform better giving you more in-focus shots and sharper images overall.

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Sigma and Tamron Lenses

Sigma and Tamron support multi-zone calibration in their current lens line-up meaning the lens will be calibrated for multiple areas of focus where standard calibrations will shift the entire focus area, this means more work needs to be done for these lenses but will result in a much more accurate calibration.

Calibrating Multiple Cameras

If there are multiple camera bodies, the total price for the lens calibrations is applied to each camera body. This is because each lens must be individually calibrated for each camera body. For example, if you had 3 lenses and 2 cameras, both cameras would have to be calibrated with all 3 lenses, resulting in 6 total calibrations done. (3 Lenses x 2 Cameras = 6 Calibrations)

Please Note:

Calibration can only be done on camera models which support focus calibration, this is usually found in mid-range and high-end cameras. Camera models that are older or are entry-level may not have the ability to calibrate focus.


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