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sensor cleaning

Turn-around time: 3 Days

Rush Service: Same Day $25; Next Day: $10

Full Frame - Sensor Cleaning Only: $79.99

Full Frame - Full Service cleaning: $119.99
- Sensor Cleaning
- Actuation Report
- Firmware Update (if needed)
- shutter / meter / flash testing
- external cleaning

Crop Sensor (APS-C, APS-H, APS-D & M4/3) - Sensor cleaning only: $59.99

Crop sensor (aPS-C, APS-H, APS-D & M4/3) - Full Service: $99.99
- sensor cleaning
- actuation report
- firmware update (if needed)
- shutter / meter / flash testing
- external cleaning


If you see dark spots or lines on your images you may need to have your camera's imaging sensor cleaned. Digital camera sensors are delicate and require knowledge, patience, a steady hand and a very clean location to perform a sensor cleaning. In many cases, it is best delegated to specialists with training, experience and the correct tools and supplies. Cleaning a camera's sensor will clear up most spots, circles and lines on your images due to condensation rings, dust, dirt and oils residing on the camera's delicate image sensor. If you have purchased our 3-year warranty for your camera you will be entitled to one free sensor cleaning within that three year period.

Anyone whose camera is under our extended warranty will receive one free sensor cleaning plus a complimentary loaner camera while theirs is under repair.

Please Note:

With each sensor cleaning you will receive a pair of photos taken with your camera showing the state of the sensor before and after the cleaning. Sometimes cameras may come in with permanent damage to the sensor that cannot be cleaned; These marks will be visible in the same location on both the "Before" and "After" images. Cameras with permanent sensor marks can be sent out to the manufacturer to be repaired.

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